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Posted 08/06/2009 08:09:23 pm by BLUEWIG :

my homebrew now have the right labels.

Posted 06/30/2009 12:21:56 am by Canning Lady :

Thank you for this website!!! I wish you had one more line on your preserve labels so we can write things like "Garlic Dill Pickles"

Posted 06/17/2009 09:43:50 pm by Spud :

I used the label to personalize a jam i used in a breakfast basket that i made for an "end of the year thank you"for my son's teacher. It turned out beautifully. Thank you very much.

Posted 04/07/2009 10:48:44 pm by magic :

great love the labels

Posted 08/28/2008 02:17:25 pm by Radish :

Yeah ! Good job !

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